Bespoke men's shoes

Our workshop

The Atelier Dascotte specializes in bespoke men’s shoes.

They are entirely made in Belgium, in Nivelles, based on your measurements and specific requests. Your shoes will be unique and perfectly adapted to your feet.

The possibilities are almost limitless, from the choice of leather, the color of the thread, to the type of shape, toe, patina, or pattern. You personally design your pair of shoes along with us.

Shoe being sewn

A shared passion

Measurements, fitting, and delivery are made by appointment at our workshop in Nivelles on Thursday afternoon or Saturday morning. Allow 1h30 for each step.

You will have an appointment with our Master Shoemaker who will share his know-howand guide you towards the best choice to fit your request and character.

Shoes to suit your needs

Shapes tailored to the shape of your foot will be made and kept with us to make it easier for you to order extra pairs.

An indicative lead time of 3 months is to be expected for the production of a pair of shoes.

Shoe hammered on the shape


Taking measurements

Shape design

Pattern for fitting pair design


Rectification or adaptation of shapes

Definitive pair assembly



The leathers and skins come from the best French tanneries (vegetable tanning).

The maintenance and follow-up of your Dascotte shoes will be ensured by our workshop.

The first pair from 1950€.